Dawson Horrell Architects Dawson Horrell Architects   The Studio  4 Stadium Street   Chelsea   London SW10 0PS        Tel: 020 7351 1944            Email: dha@DawsonHorrell.co.uk              CHELSEA ARCHITECTS KENSINGTON ARCHITECTS WESTMINSTER ARCHITECTS FULHAM ARCHITECTS TRANSPORT ARCHITECTS HAMMERSMITH ARCHITECTS RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTS IMPERIAL WHARF  STATION ARCHITECTS Project Chelsea House SW10 Location Chelsea, London, UK Client Private . This Victorian terraced house required extensive gutting, redesign  and extension, to transform it into a family home. The internal walls were demolished and the layout was completely rearranged to locate a large open plan sitting room on the first floor at the fulcrum of the house. The ground floor was extended with a glazed side return to create a stunning new hi- tech kitchen with sliding folding glass doors that open into the courtyard garden. Wall to wall ceiling height sliding folding doors were designed to separate the formal dining room from the kitchen and playroom but providing flexibility for parties and entertainment when required. At the upper levels five spacious bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms have been redesigned including two bedrooms and a bathroom in  a new mansard roof extension. The result is the complete transformation of a gloomy old fashioned house into a practical but aesthetically stimulating contemporary home. ←previous   next→