Dawson Horrell Architects Dawson Horrell Architects   The Studio  4 Stadium Street   Chelsea   London SW10 0PS        Tel: 020 7351 1944            Email: dha@DawsonHorrell.co.uk              CHELSEA ARCHITECTS KENSINGTON ARCHITECTS WESTMINSTER ARCHITECTS FULHAM ARCHITECTS TRANSPORT ARCHITECTS HAMMERSMITH ARCHITECTS RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTS IMPERIAL WHARF  STATION ARCHITECTS Project Deptford Station, Lewisham Location Deptford, London, UK Client London Borough of Lewisham The London Borough of Lewisham recognised that the shortcomings of the existing station could harm the economic regeneration of Deptford. It commissioned us for the redevelopment of the station as one of the flagship projects in their Regeneration Programme. The new station is attached to a Listed structure and will be a primary focus at the mid-point of the High Street making a significant improvement to the appearance and environmental quality of the street. The station will be a state of the art contemporary design, and has been designed to be safe and accessible for all.  The design incorporates clear glazing and slender structures, allowing the mass and character of the ramp and viaduct to read clearly and provide a historic backdrop to the contemporary interventions. The character of the nineteenth century brick structures is enhanced by the juxtaposition with 21st century engineering and materials. ←previous   next→